Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Current Weekend Series

March 1st: “Noah: Beyond the Big Boat” Genesis 6:5, 9
Is it really possible to be good among the bad? Sometimes we find
ourselves surround by people or even encouraged by others to do
things that are not right. How can we possibly stay on the right track?
There was not another man on the earth that was not evil and yet
Noah stayed on track. How was that possible?

March 8th: “Noah: Beyond the Big Boat” Genesis 6:22
Doing what God asks isn’t always easy but it is always worth it.
Following God's Word, doing what’s right, praying, can
all be hard things to do, but when we do, it always is worth it. It wasn’t
easy for Noah to build a boat, but it was well worth it for him
that he did what God asked him to do.

March 15th: “Noah: Beyond the Big Boat” Genesis 7:20
God always keeps his promises! He has promised to supply us every
need we have. He has promised that his grace is sufficient for us. He has promised us eternal life.
All of these things we can count on because God ALWAYS keeps his

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