Wednesday, May 12, 2010

God at the Movies: The Short Version

Nothing shapes our culture quite like the movies. They're a place to ask hard questions, tell stories, think about our past and learn about our hopes. This Sunday, Riptide will join the rest of the ministries at Journey Community Church by kicking off a new series, "God at the Movies."

We will be doing it a little differently than the main worship venue. Instead of looking at full length motion pictures we will be showing a 'Pixar Short' and then discuss it afterwards. We are so excited about the next five weeks and looking forward to spotting God in some unlikely places.

Week #1 Boundin'
Week #2 For the Birds
Week #3 One Man Band
Week #4 Partly Cloudy
Week #5 Lifted

For what movies will be shown in the main service, check out this website.