Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Riptide Cafe Dinner Special

This Wednesday Night, beginning at 6:30pm, a slice of pizza and a soda will be available for $1.50 in the Riptide Cafe before small groups. This special is only good while supplies last.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

God loves the MESSED UP

Today we looked at God's amazing love for imperfect people. Mark Oestreicher, our speaker for the morning, used three stories in the Old Testament to show how God used some unlikely people (some may even call them 'losers') in incredible ways.

Below is a video we put together and used to get the students thinking about how God truly sees us.

God Loves the ENTIRE World!

Last week we started a new series. The title of the weekend was "Follow Jesus and you will find...that God loves the world." We showed this video that morning. The video by itself is fun. When you think of God knowing and loving all of the people in the video and in the areas represented, it is powerful!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Planet Wisdom in Review

Planet Wisdom was awesome! Mark Matlock the speaker was amazing! The theme was super heros and using heros in movies we looked at the journey that takes place in every hero story. The hero starts out with an ordinary life, then he/she is called to a New Adventure, follow by Doubting the Call, lead to finally Accepting the Call, meeting the Force that Guides, facing Trials and Triumph, and then being Called to Give Back. That equation is in every super hero story and very similar to the story we have with Jesus Christ.

The Skit Guys and the band were fantastic. The Skit Guys even took time to meet our students before one of the sessions which was awesome. Mark Matlock came and hung out with us too during lunch which was great.

Along with great content, fantastic challenge, this quick trip was a great time to hang out and bond as a group.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Current Sunday AM Series

This past Sunday we began our new series: "Follow Jesus and you will find...." What was Jesus’ life all about? When he was on this earth he had many followers. What did they see? When you take a close look at Jesus life you will not only see the life a man sent from heaven, but you will also see the very nature of God.

MARCH 22nd Follow Jesus and you will find…out how much God loves the world.
Jesus is God’s son. When you think about the sacrifice that was made to come down from heaven, it is amazing! It was not only Jesus leaving heaven, but God allowing his son to come to a limited world to be an example of how much he loved us.

MARCH 29th Follow Jesus and you will find…out how much God loves the messed-up
Jesus made it no secret that he hung out with rug rats. First of all he invited himself over to a tax-collector’s house in front of everyone. He accepted those with shady backgrounds and even if you look at the 12 disciples he choose, they were not perfect!

APRIL 5th Follow Jesus and you will find…out how much God loves the sick
Healing the sick was a big part of his ministry. Each time he healed the sick he made reference to their spiritual health as well. He was not here for the healthy, but rather for the sick.

APRIL 12th Follow Jesus and you will find…how much God loves you (Easter)
No matter where you fall, whether it be for the sick or messed up, one thing is for sure, he came for you! Today will focus on how the death of Jesus was not an accident or a trick. He died so our lives would be changed!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Parenting Seminar at Journey

Journey Student Ministries is hosting our third annual Parent Training Day. This is a fantastic event is designed for both current and soon to be parents of teenagers.

Saturday, March 14th from 9am until 1:30pm we will have the privilege of hearing from Ed Noble and Mark Oestriecher, both fathers and veteran youth pastors. Ed Noble is the preaching pastor here at Journey and Mark Oestriecher is the president of Youth Specialties.

Brian Berry, the Student Ministries Director and Christina Robertson will be sharing along with them valuable current information about "Constantly Changing Needs of Teenagers" and how our student ministries can help. This is a great even to invite any parents of teenagers you may know. There will be a time to answer your specific questions about teenagers.

Cost is $15 per person or $20 per couple and includes lunch. If you are interested in attending please email aundrea here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Current Weekend Series

March 1st: “Noah: Beyond the Big Boat” Genesis 6:5, 9
Is it really possible to be good among the bad? Sometimes we find
ourselves surround by people or even encouraged by others to do
things that are not right. How can we possibly stay on the right track?
There was not another man on the earth that was not evil and yet
Noah stayed on track. How was that possible?

March 8th: “Noah: Beyond the Big Boat” Genesis 6:22
Doing what God asks isn’t always easy but it is always worth it.
Following God's Word, doing what’s right, praying, can
all be hard things to do, but when we do, it always is worth it. It wasn’t
easy for Noah to build a boat, but it was well worth it for him
that he did what God asked him to do.

March 15th: “Noah: Beyond the Big Boat” Genesis 7:20
God always keeps his promises! He has promised to supply us every
need we have. He has promised that his grace is sufficient for us. He has promised us eternal life.
All of these things we can count on because God ALWAYS keeps his