Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Planet Wisdom in Review

Planet Wisdom was awesome! Mark Matlock the speaker was amazing! The theme was super heros and using heros in movies we looked at the journey that takes place in every hero story. The hero starts out with an ordinary life, then he/she is called to a New Adventure, follow by Doubting the Call, lead to finally Accepting the Call, meeting the Force that Guides, facing Trials and Triumph, and then being Called to Give Back. That equation is in every super hero story and very similar to the story we have with Jesus Christ.

The Skit Guys and the band were fantastic. The Skit Guys even took time to meet our students before one of the sessions which was awesome. Mark Matlock came and hung out with us too during lunch which was great.

Along with great content, fantastic challenge, this quick trip was a great time to hang out and bond as a group.

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Mark M said...

hey guys! great to see you a planetwisdom too!