Friday, February 13, 2009

Planet Wisdom

Friday, March 20th Riptide is going to Planet Wisdom. The Planet Wisdom Student Conference is a real, paradigm-shifting event that take teens from a student point of view and gets them looking at their world from God’s perspective. This year the conference will be challenging students to walk the journey of a hero. Students will learn that through his Word, God has given them access to the wisdom that will give them the strength and guidance to live the heroic life God has called them to. The weekend will include an incredible speaker Mark Matlock, hilarious skits by the Skit Guys, and music lead but the band Dutton.

The conference will be at the Calvary Church of Santa Ana in Orange County. The cost of the weekend ($85) includes the cost of the conference, the stay in the hotel, and breakfast at the hotel. Each student will need about $20 for the other three meals. We will leave the Journey parking lot at 4pm on Friday March 20th and return Saturday, March 21st at 8pm. Sign-ups will begin THIS Sunday, February 22nd.

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