Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Traveling Stories

This past Sunday, Emily Moberly came to our middle school group to talk about her non-profit organization called Traveling Stories. It is a volunteer-run organization that donates small libraries to schools and orphanages that have few or no books. Emily Shared her story about how she got the idea to start this organization.

After college I began a great adventure: I moved to Honduras to teach high school English. This was the first time in my life that I lived in a place with almost no access to reading material. I realized how much I need books and I saw how the lack of books was impacting my students. I decided that as their English teacher I would do all I could to make them fall in love with reading.So, for Christmas I went home and when I returned to Honduras I brought with me 40 books which I introduced to my students as "Ms. Moberly's Libary."

The books were a hit. All of my classes used them daily. Even other teachers asked to use the books for their classes. I left Honduras in July but I'm still receiving letters from my students telling me how much the books impacted them.

This is why I started Traveling Stories; to invest in kids' imaginations. To fuel their minds with stories the same way "Ms. Moberly's Library" fueled my students' minds in Honduras. At Traveling Stories we believe that books not only stregthen minds and inspire dreams, but they also help people overcome the obstacles preventing them from becoming the best version of themselves.
So, to help Emily collect more books and make a difference in the lives of children around the world, Riptide is joining Student Ministries by hosting a book drive the month of June. Please look through the shelves in your home and bring in any book you are no longer needing to the Traveling Stories Book Box in the Riptide Room. At the end of this month, Emily will collect all of the books and use the donations to raise money to purchase books in Spanish for her projects in El Salvador. For more information email emily@travelingstories.org or vistit TravelingStories.org.

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