Saturday, May 14, 2011

Current Sunday Morning Series:

any of several combinations of symbols used in electronic mail and text messaging to indicate the state of mind of the writer, such as :-) to express happiness, :-( for sadness or anger, ;-) to express only half serious.

Let's be honest, in just one day we can experience a whole gamete of different emotions. We can feel one way in the morning, and depending on people we see or situations that happen, we can feel completely different by the end of the day. Sometimes emotions can be confusing and we don't know what to do with them. The cool thing is that God created you with emotions and he actually gave us instructions on how to respond to them.

So join us the next three Sunday Mornings as we explore the TECHNICOLOR WORLD of EMOTIONS and learn how our response to them can glorify the God that created us.

May 15 TRUE BLUES: Responding when life blindsides you :(
May 22 MAD REDS: You make me so mad>:(
May 29 SHADES OF PURPLE: Cooties, germs, & crushes, oh my! <3

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