Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nativity Story & Dance

This past Sunday was all about looking at the Story of Jesus being born.

We began the morning with some fun with wrapping paper. A student from each grade was wrapped by the students in their grade and 'presented' to our own Randy, Paula, and Simon (played by our volunteers staff) to be judged.

We had an incredible violin solo of "The First Noel" performed by one of our 7th graders, Zach Jones.

Bruce Corless, a dad of one of the high school students and an incredible story teller, read the Christmas Story.

We then visited interactive stations around the room that represented different people in the story, Mary, Joseph, Wise Men, and the Shepherds.
The final challenge to the students was to tell this incredible story to their friends. This story is too amazing to tell in a boring way. It is also too incredible of a story to keep to ourselves. At the end of the morning, our fantastic staff leaders came out to demonstrate how fun it can be to tell the story of the birth of our Savior!

It was a super fun Sunday!
A great one to end the year with. That's right, no Middle School Service next week! We will see you again next year, January 3rd.
Merry Christmas and remember to keep telling the story!

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