Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Current Sunday AM Series & Art Contest

For the next five weeks will be getting to know God better by looking at snapshots of who he is. In a sense, the Bible is a photo album with self portraits of a God who wants to be known. God has put these pictures in the Bible to reveal his character. By examine them, we discover who God is and why he's worth knowing better. And we discover something else: who he wants us to be. He wants us to copy his picture into our own character.

Along with the teaching, we will be having an art contest. Around the room we have six large picture frames. We are looking for photographs your middle schooler has taken or pictures they have drawn to fill those picture frames. Each frame represents one of six characteristics we will be looking at:

Best Friend

Middle Schoolers can submit up to one entry per category. All entries will be displayed in the Riptide Room. Contest ends September 27th and prize winners will be announced October 4th.

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